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23min of Ska : Double Eighty-Eights

23skaTRUCKERdoubleeightyeightsTrucker lingo translation of the title: apparently it means “Love and Kisses” because it is double of the normal “Eighty-Eights” which means simply “Best Wishes.” But I’m finding a lot of trucker slang that translates to simply “Best Wishes” and I’m not finding more than one resource that says “Double Eighty-Eights” is even real trucker CB radio talk. I coulda been hoodwinked on this one my fine listeners, but you know, the intent was there to name it something sweet, because, it’s the kinda-sorta St. Valentine’s Day episode. Get into it!

00:00 – Catbite – Can’t Give You Love (Catbite ’19)
02:37 – Hepcat – Together Someday (Right On Time ’97)
06:21 – the Meow Meows – If You Were My Boy (Somehow We Met ’13)
10:06 – New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – Love & Affection (Break Thru ’19)
13:53 – the Georgetown Orbits – Garden of Love (Solar Flares ’18)
17:51 – Doreen Shaffer – Nice Time (Adorable ’97)
20:51 – Moon Invaders – Baby I Know (the Fine Line ’11)

And no, I didn’t notice the band naming theme of the first 3 bands until I was typing this up just now. Not in the playlist making, not in typing the tracklist above or even in making the art, right now as I’m finishing everything up!

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