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23min of Ska : Marble Frosted

This episode is a bit all over the place, so, in a sense, it’s the perfect 23min of Ska episode. We have ska from all around the world, some of it played a bit more traditional than not. Some bands take it in a jazzy direction, others in a punky direction. Does it still have that ska beat? You bet your ass it does! This is still 23min of Ska, not 23min of Whatever the Hell Kinda Music!

00:00 – Put3Ska – Manila Girl (Put3Ska ’94)
02:51 – Rude King – Save it for Never (Coming Back to You ’15)
07:01 – the Interrupters – Jenny Drinks (Say it Out Loud ’16)
09:49 – Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars – My Sound (Ram Di Dance ’97)
13:07 – Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation – Road to Kingston (Shake Your Foundation ’03)
17:42 – the Pietasters – Mellow Mood (Turbo ’02)
19:54 – the Delirians – el Gigante (Musical Remedy / el Gigante ’11)

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23min of Ska : Half a Dozen Jokers Gone Wild

23ska-aceSome of these songs have been kicking around in my head for inclusion for quite some time, I’m glad I finally am getting the chance to play them all for you! I hope this is another episode that you can listen to and enjoy, as I know for one that I really enjoy this episode.

Club99 – Move! (Club99 ’13)
Skavoovie & the Epitones – Wildfire (Ripe ’97)
Demon Waffle – Joke’s on You (Eat Your Breakfast ’12)
Matt Wixson & the Pinstripes – Surely You Can’t be Serious (Surely You Can’t be Serious ’12)
Threat Level Burgundy – Go Big or Go Homeless! (…and Then Things Got Weird ’13)
Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Venganza – Dancing with the Fat Man’s Lady (Piping Hot ’12)

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23min of Ska : And Also Featuring

What do we all need. Ok, except for food, drinks and good music, what do we all need? Friends, that’s right, friends. So why do anything alone when we can do it with some good friends. And if we have enough, why not call over a few more? That’s exactly what was happening here, some great groups producing some great music with that little something extra. That is, an extra special guest on the song.

the Forthrights feat. Maddie Ruthless – Jaguar Queen (Head Above Water compilation ’11)
Manic Sewing Circle feat. Todd Hembrook – I Love You Baby (But I Don’t Have the Time) (Summer Spins ’07)
Green Room Rockers feat. Dave Hillyard – Exit 178 (Green Room Rockers ’10)
the Bashments feat. Mr. T-Bone – Festival 11 (the Bashments ’11)
the Pepper Pots feat. Dr. Ring Ding – Stay on Your Way (Shake It! ’07)
Riddim Cats feat. Chris Murray – Think (We Are the Cats! ’09)
Reel Big Fish feat. Monique Powell – She Has a Girlfriend Now (Turn the Radio Off ’96)

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