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23min of Ska : Impulse

23skaCOASTER3Hey, look ska! Hope this little podcast can cheer you up with some big tunes. Hope this little podcast can interest you in some new bands. Hope this little podcast will help you get through your week and point you in a positive direction for the weekend. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for listening.

00:00 – Boomtown United – Too Many Chances (Boomtown United ’18)
03:26 – Bruce Lee Band – Dollars and Cents (Everything Will be Alright, My Friend ’14)
05:29 – Astronomy Constellations – The World is Composed of Injustice (2nd Demo ’18)
07:56 – the Holophonics – Mercury Retrograde (Phantom Arrival ’18)
14:10 – Catbite – Street Feeling (Panther Pro Sessions ’18)
16:56 – Cynimatics – Medium Life (Unify ’18)
18:38 – el Bastón de la Vieja – Rico Mundo Basura (Con Tó y con Eso ’18)

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