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23min of Ska : Reach for the Sun

This episode is brought to you by trying to stay awake! I kept replacing the tracks on this, and as I did, they kept getting faster, and louder, leading me to adding even faster and louder tracks to match, and it was getting later and later, so faster and louder music became all that was keeping me up, and keeping me going… so yeah, it’s one of those kinds of episodes!

00:00 – Reckless Breakfast – Enough (Better Never Than Late ’21)
02:54 – los Fastidios feat. Elisa Dixan – Radio Babylon (Elisa Dixan sings los Fastidios ’17)
06:04 – SICK PINS – Natural Disaster (Natural Disaster ’21)
09:19 – Demon Waffle – Nobody Cares (EP2 ’21)
14:05 – Matamoska – Listed MIA (…And Out Come the Lawsuits comp ’21)
16:29 – 2 Stone 2 Skank – Vanessa (Souvenirs de Longueuil Beach ’20)
19:33 – Sorry Sweetheart – All Aboard the Beach Bus (It Looks Like Fun ’20)

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