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23min of Ska : Bits of Infinity

Looks like I got this one out on time this week! HUZZAH! Ska from everywhere! Ska for all! Ska rules!

00:00 – Lo(u)ser – Me Vs Me (the Shape of Ska Punk to Come Volume II comp ’21)
02:23 – Esaopa – Cuando me vaya (STAGE 1 ’18)
05:05 – Ska Simulator – Peachy (Ska Simulator Vol. 2 ’21)
07:06 – Eric Daino – Problems x Infinity + Forever and Always (Only Momentarily ’19)
08:28 – New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – See Yah Wouldn’t Wanna Be Yah (In the Moment ’22)
12:50 – Skaramouche – Space Invaders (Never Ever Touch ’04)
16:46 – Ira Virus – Of Course the Princess is in Another Castle, She Ain’t Gonna Wait Around for No Schlub Like Me (Surface Pressure ’22)
19:11 – Lekker Origineel – Dromen (Het Betere Werk ’22)

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23min of Ska : Starving the Bears

23skaTRUCKERstarvingthebearsSo in “Trucker Slang / CB Slang” the term “Starving the Bears” means to go the speed limit so that the cops won’t pull you over and give you a ticket. And slowing down a bit seems like not too terrible of an idea right now. We’re all in a rush to get back out into the world, but maybe we should take a minute to pause and see if that’s the best idea. All but one of these tracks has been released since we’ve been in quarantine, hell, some were written and recorded directly because of it! I can’t wait for this lockdown to end, but I don’t mind waiting a bit longer if it means not feeding the bear.

00:00 – the Bar Stool Preachers – State of Emergency (Soundtrack to Your Apocalypse ’20)
02:47 – Cale Wilcox – Going Mad (Pacific Sound System IV: Quarentunes comp ’20)
06:30 – the Holophonics – Don’t Buy the Hype (Sunk Cost ’20)
08:14 – Esaopa – Escoria Humana (Stage 1 ’18)
11:23 – the JB Conspiracy – Falling Down (Guiding Lights ’20)
15:15 – Something To Do – Stay Inside (Stay Inside ’20)
17:35 – No Villains Left – Dark Days (Bright Lights ’20)
20:01 – Baked A La Ska – We’ll Meet Again (We’ll Meet Again ’20)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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