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23min of Ska : the Age of Apocalypse

23skaAGEOFAPOCALYPSEFinally bringing a lost episode in to official continuity. I mean this kind of thing was expected, right? With comics being a theme for this set it very well should’ve been expected I pull something like this! It was all about finding the perfect placement for it. It’s been reworked from the ground up, balanced better, different track order, but yeah, this episode was available Dec 20th, 2012, just in time for the end of the world, should it’ve come to that. It wasn’t a normal release day for the show back then, so it had no number, no real place in the 23 episode sets, and I couldn’t place it any place else. It was originally going to re-run near the end of the last set, but it didn’t seem right. Now, now it feels right!

00:00 – Mephiskapheles – Doomsday (God Bless Satan ’94)
03:06 – Fishbone – Party at Ground Zero (Fishbone ’85)
09:26 – Inspecter 7 – Purgatory (Banished to Bogeyland ’99)
12:26 – the Bohunks – Animal Times (In the Waiting Room ’11)
15:33 – the Insteps – the Final Call (Eleven Steps to Power ’96)
21:51 – Dan P. – Riot (Eat the Planet ’07)

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23min of Ska : Take All You Want

23ska-bwplaidOh my gosh, I’ve just noticed what I’ve been missing lately on this podcast! Ska-Punk! So you better believe that I weaved a some of that into this episode. Not that I dropped any more traditional stuff, it’s just all in a nicer, more balanced blend this time.

Bomb the Music Industry! – Hits Set (Find the Place / Hits Set ’11)
Fishbone – Ma & Pa (Truth & Soul ’88)
Ruder Than You – Give the People What They Need (Creation Sounds ’09)
doctormanette – Sap (the Same Thing Over & Over ’99)
the Dropsteppers – Suzy’s Got it Wrong (Get Up In It! ’11)
Manic Sewing Circle – Whaddya Say? (Summer Spins ’07)
Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation – Backlash (Sunwalk ’05)
Steady Earnest – Roll On (Out of Line ’93)

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Midweek Ska World Update

Relevant Kickstarter/BigTunes Campaigns
Big D & the Kids Table wants to make 2 new albums are over halfway to goal
Sammy K & the East Los Three want to make and album and are just $900 away from their goal
Blame Sydney is almost at the goal for their new album
Urban Pirate Records wants to get out a 5 piece 7″ set w/ a whole mess of great ska bands, check this out

New Music / Cheap Music
the new EP from the Snails, “the River”, is on sale for $3 until Friday
Jimmy the Squirrel has released the first single of their upcoming album
By The Rivers’ new single might be a few weeks old, but still worth your time if you missed it
Community Records will hold their 6th Download Day on Feb 14th w/ free downloads from Stuck Lucky & others
All the records from last year’s Big Ska Gamble subscription are in and ready to ship everywhere
New album from ska-core band Best of the Worst album is now streaming and available for pre-order.

Fishbone are on tour and will continue to do so throughout Feb into early March.
This Saturday, Feb 9th, is SkaWars 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.
The Suburban Legends are getting ready to head to the UK in 2 weeks.
If you’re in Germany on Feb 23rd head on out out to Viva Con Ska Punk
In that vein, it looks like Wisecracker will be all over the place after that show.
Jamaican Oldies Weekend will be on in Chicago on March 1st & 2nd.
Sometime in March the Specials will be touring America.
The London International Ska Festival starts on March 28th.

Other (We Should’ve Seen This Coming) News
Streetlight Manifesto’s newest album has been delayed… again.

Special : You Call It Vol. 1

I asked the listener base what their favorite ska songs were, just as a general curiosity. After seeing their answers, I knew this had to be an episode! So I got to mixing it late last night and here it is for all to enjoy. A program created by the 23min of Ska listners! Thanks to Kevin Lustrup, James Volpe, Evan Roy, Tracy Sandford, ‘Tracy Kedge, Salvador Rios, Paul Kerner and Clay Spires!

Fishbone – Skankin’ to the Beat (Party at Ground Zero ’85)
the Insteps – Shotgun Jimmy (Ska: the Thrid Wave ’95)
the Pinstripes – Alright Girl (I ’12)
the Ethiopians – Train to Skaville (Train to Skaville/You are the Girl ’67)
the English Beat – Can’t Get Used to Losing You (Just Can’t Stop It ’80)
Goldfinger – Superman (Hang Ups ’97)
the Planet Smashers – SK8 or Die! (No Self Control ’03)
the Aquabats! – Pizza Day (Myths, Legends And Other Amazing Adventures Vol. 2 ’00)

Also thanks to Ryan Woolwine, Matt Flood, Cesar Alonso Sanchez and Kamil Krajewski who’s favorite songs have already been played on an episode of this podcast already. And to Dave Polk, who loves MU330 and Big D & the Kids Table but I just played them on the last episode, so he’ll have to wait.

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be interviewed or have a song featured, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com.

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23min of Ska : Rebirth

In a few short days it will be my birthday, hurrah! What better way to celebrate than with some of my favorite ska songs? In the old school category we have the Wailers and Althia & Donna. Both songs are totally great, and make be want to dance, especially “Uptown Top Ranking”. Johnny Socko is the first band to repeated in this series, I there’s been a decent amount of separation from the first episode to this one to warrant that. Seeing Johnny Socko on or near my birthday was a tradition for most of my early 20s. For my 23rd they sang happy birthday to me in the middle of “Dancing Queen” at the Elbo Room in Chicago, it was such a trip. I picked “Hey Hey Hi” because it is from the later version of Socko that was more classic for my personal experience: Chris, Josh, Dylan, Matt and Demon Hooter personally gave me hours of excellent shows as well as fun converstaion. I included Lockstep because some of the members are close personal friends of mine (which I met through going to see Socko) and what better birthday music than something rad played by your friends? Speaking of friendliness in ska, Dan Potthast has always been super awesome to me. He’s always super nice to me when I see him and after about 4 minutes of chit chat it hits him that we’ve talked several times before and it is like the conversation starts over again, it makes me laugh every time!

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be featured or if you know some music that you think I should hear for future inclusion, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com!

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