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23min of Ska Convoy : the New, the Old & the Local

23skaTRUCKERconvoyMATTSka music has been a big part of my life for over the past 20 years. I even met my wife because of ska music. Being a teenager in Orange County, California in the mid 90’s you couldn’t escape ska music. However, when others stopped listening, ska music stayed in heavy rotation with me.

For this playlist, I followed a very simple plan to make it. I picked something old, something new and something local. Five Iron Frenzy, The O.C. Supertones and Less Than Jake are the bands I’ve been listening to the longest. Millington and The Skluttz are the newest bands on the list. Half Past Two, Hooray For Our Side and Codename:Rocky are some of my favorite hometown bands. I hope you enjoy my picks.

00:00 – O.C. Supertones – Supertones Strike Back (the Supertones Strike Back ’97)
02:37 – Hooray for Our Side – Don’t Panic (Overture ’15)
05:05 – Codename: Rocky – Ctl Alt Del (Reboot ’16)
07:22 – Less Than Jake – Motown Never Sounded so Good (Anthem ’03)
09:55 – the Skluttz – Ska Police (Confidence is Key ’20)
13:15 – Millington – Big Man on Campus (Millington ’18)
16:45 – Half Past Two – See You Again (See You Again ’20)
19:19 – Five Iron Frenzy – Cool Enough for You (Upbeats & Beatdowns ’97)

RJ sez: On the Upbeat is a hell of a fun podcast, go back and listen to the older episodes while the show is on break! And for full disclosure, Matt had picked different songs for Hooray for Our Side and Half Past Two, but after Half Past Two put out this killer new single we both knew it had to be included. This, of course, threw off the timing of the episode, so I offered up a change to the Hooray for Our Side song to even things out. Luckily Matt agreed and we have another rad episode!

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Midweek Ska World Update

Don’t Read That, Read This
LA Weekly has a great write up about the Delirians and the resurgence of ska in Los Angeles.

New / Cheap Music
Sonic Boom Six’s new single “Keep On Believing” is now available if you’re in the UK.
Jump Up Records has a sale going on where you can get 7 LPs for only $35 while supplies last.
Tomorrow is Download Day at Community Records feat. Stuck Lucky and other bands.
The Amphetameanies put out a new video for their song Nothings OK.
Last year No Such Noise released their EP on vinyl, get it while you can!
Ska/punk band After the Fact is offering the deluxe version of their “Super Scary Senarioes” EP at a cost of what ever the heck you wanna pay them for it.
Hit up the Pragmatics, they just shared a few new songs on their ReverbNation page.

Spend the rest of this month tracking down Kill Lincoln as they cross the snow to rock you.
Sonic Boom Six look to be all over the UK & Ireland for the rest of the month.
Dave Wakeling’s version of the (English) Beat are still running around America for the next three months.
March looks like a busy month in the Midwest for the Pinstripes.
Five Iron Frenzy just announced some tour dates starting in late March.
Big D just dropped a handful of North East & Canadian tour dates in March & April.
The Resignators are running all around their native Australia in April.

Relevant Kickstarter/BigTunes Campaigns
Sammy K & the East Los Three are even closer to their goal, this album is going to be a ripper, check it out.
Blame Sydney is so close to their goal, check it out, will you?
Urban Pirate Records wants to get out a 5 piece 7″ set w/ a whole mess of great ska bands, it’s at 50%, let’s push it over the line.

Sad News
Looks like We are Union are going on hiatus. Well, suck…