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23min of Ska : Now Concludes Our Broadcast Day

…and here we are, at the end of another set of 23 episodes. I want to thank all you for listening and continuing to support the show! I also want to give a thank you to my On the Upbeat co-hosts Matt & Gary for the inspiration towards the art in the last 23 episodes, as well as my wife Allison for specific direction on a few. It’s been another fantastic 23 episodes, see you all next week, same ska day, same ska channel!

00:00 – King Apparatus – Made for TV (Marbles (Re-Release) ’99)
02:45 – tryingtogetby – Too Much (Too Much ’22)
05:20 – Angel Cutlass feat. Eichlers – Glazed and Confused (Glazed and Confused ’22)
07:26 – GangstaSKA – Tenhle svět (Naše kapela a jiná neštěstí ’22)
10:31 – David Hillyard & the Rocksteady 7 – Was I Made for These Times (Plague Doctor ’22)
14:29 – Hub City Stompers – R’aggro (Still Stubborn Vol. 3 comp ’22)
18:35 – Behind Deadlines – Get Away (Farew ’22)

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“Star Spangled Banner” cover by Louie Aronowitz
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