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23min of Ska : Our Sentence is Up!

The kitten most likely to…

00:00 – Girls Go Ska – David Watts (Gifted – A Tribute to the Jam comp ’17)
03:11 – We Are The Union – Ordinary Life (Ordinary Life ’21)
06:11 – Ratatouille – Radio Bla Bla (Greetings from Ratatouille ’17)
09:48 – the Sensations – Break Me Down (The Sensations ’10)
10:51 – FREE KICK – Breakin’ Brain (Virtuous By Nature ’20)
11:50 – Brainwreck – 101 (Charlie ’18)
12:51 – Skata Tones – Just Words (Just Words ’20)
16:31 – Abraskadabra – Closer to the Ground (the Shape of Ska Punk to Come Volume II comp ’21)
19:45 – the Georgetown Orbits – New Orleans Ska (the Ska-Jazz Single ’20)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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Artwork based on: The Invisibles Vol. 2 issue 6
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23min of Ska : the Lovely Angels

I came of age in the ’90s, which means, yeah, I read a fair amount of manga. One of my favorites was always Adam Warren’s take on “the Dirty Pair” a sci-fi book that was ages ahead of the curve by decades in ideas, tech, and even the rise of horrible fan-types. It’s about 2 young government workers who are sent to help citizens, but are a bit accident prone so wherever they show up hijinks ensue. Self assured women whose work entertains? Seems like a good theme for a ska podcast…

00:00 – Nahar Band – Over the Moon (Hurriya ’20)
03:34 – Half Past Two / Bite Me Bambi / Catbite / Skatune Network / Mustard Plug – Lost Again (Lost Again ’20)
06:50 – the Heat Machine – Overdrive (No Coast Dance Party ’09)
10:53 – Girls Go Ska – Quédate (Quédate ’20)
14:03 – OreSkaBand – Life is Beautiful (Slogan ’17)
17:48 – Venus Hill – Empty (Whatever ’02)
21:06 – Highball Holiday – Multiple Personality Disorder (Highball Holiday ’97)

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Art by: Adam Warren
From: “Dirty Pair: Run from the Future” issue #3

23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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