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23min of Ska : Silver Scarabs Got to Go

23ska-bwplaidI guess this episode is pretty self explanatory. Do I really need to post more? I’ve been collecting songs for this one since the first few months of 23min of Ska back in 2010. I hope it all hangs together well for you guys and you all enjoy it.

Glen Adams – I Want to Hold Your Hand (I Want to Hold Your Hand ’68)
My Superhero – Don’t Let Me Down (SKAteboard Music ’95)
Frau Doktor – I Will (Dauercamper ’00)
the Bashments – In My Life (the Bashments ’11)
Roslyn Sweat & the Paragons – Black Bird Singing (Blackbird Singing / Always ’73)
David Hillyard & the Rocksteady Seven – Norwegian Wood (Playtime ’99)
Keith & Ken – Beatles Got to Go (Beatles Got to Go ’64)

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