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23min of Ska : Scorpio

23skaKINGMOBAre you feeling somewhat under-appreciated recently? That’s perfectly understandable — you’ve been dancing yourself to death and not giving people the chance to jump around with you. Have a little more confidence in your friends and they should come through — and remember that you’re worthy of these good times! When you learn to give them the chance to check new things, like this swanky brand new Monkey track leading off this episode, you may find yourself getting more attention than you could hope for.

00:00 – Monkey – Bicycle (Bananarchy ’15)
02:48 – Less Than Jake – Sleep it Off (B is for B-Sides ’04)
04:53 – Step Lively – Scorpio’s Revenge (the Trigger Effect ’99)
10:13 – Popes of Chillitown – OPOOM (To the Moon ’15)
15:06 – Goldfinger – Man in the Suitcase (Darrin’s Coconut Ass ’99)
16:54 – Kill Lincoln – Good Riddance to Good Advice (Good Riddance to Good Advice ’15)
21:12 – Wobbly Bob – Calling All Losers (Life Lessons for Losers ’11)

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