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23min of Ska : ONE

Ready for a new session of 23min of Ska? I think it’s time for one! So let’s get it started w/ some great tracks from across the world! HELL YEAH! Let’s all listen to some ska!

00:00 – OreSkaBand – ITOKASHI (BOHEMIA ’22)
03:25 – RudeSix – Glue (Glue ’21)
07:10 – Lekker Origineel – Zwijmel (Het Betere Werk ’22)
11:32 – Guess What?!! – ALLRIGHT (Eskapology ’22)
15:45 – Le Birrette – Marina (Marina / Cry Me a River ’22)
19:44 – Smoke + Mirrors Soundsystem – Twins (Still Stubborn – Volume 1 comp ’22)

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23min of Ska : the Rudy Sitters

Come and skank on our floor
(Come and skank on our floor)
We’ve been waiting for you
(We’ve been waiting for you)
Where the ska is her and theirs and his
On this podcast for you

00:00 – Bite Me Bambi ft. Lo(u)ser – Video Games (Video Games ’22)
03:35 – Guess What!! – Tic Toc (Eskapology ’22)
07:04 – Lumpy – No Other One (Ari Hates This. A Ska Tribute to Weezer comp ’22)
09:31 – Oka Over – Fragen (Over ’22)
12:30 – Tony D & the Steadians – Tell Me (Tell Me ’21)
15:37 – the Seattleites – the Sidewinder (The Thing! ’19)
19:20 – The Вйо ft. Джерельце – Ukraine Must Be Free (Зелений ’17)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
Want to submit your band? Email: submissions@23ska.com
(no Spotify or Youtube links please)
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23min of Ska : Wrath

23skaWRAITHWhen I started out putting this episode together I didn’t intend to start it off w/ some mid ’90s ska, it just worked out that way. Don’t be mad about it, sometimes I go looking for great modern ska, but sometimes I get reminded of a bunch of great music from when I was younger. So yeah, I dipped back into it, and pulled these awesome tracks to share w/ you. The rest of these songs will join those mid ’90s tracks in the fact that they’ve really gotten stuck in my mind since I’ve heard them. In fact, I had to triple check that I hadn’t used any of them before. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them all as much as I have.

00:00 – Regatta 69 – I Wanna Smack You (Prime Time ’97)
02:50 – Mephiskapheles – Attack of the Geniuses (Maximum Perversion ’97)
04:51 – the Siren Six! – Kill Your Idol (the Voice with the Built in Promise ’97)
09:27 – Smoke Like a Fish – Death of an Angel (Smoke Like a Fish ’02)
13:39 – Guess What – Yin Yang Bind (Yin Yang Bind ’14)
16:19 – Redska – Hooligan Rudeboys (La Rivolta ’12)
20:35 – Hub City Stompers – Where’s My Hooligans (Ska Ska Black Sheep ’09)

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