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23min of Ska : Raspberry Ripple

23skaRASPBERRYRIPPLEHere’s the new episode folks! Hells yeah! I hope you dig it. If you do, tell your pals about this podcast, and hell, tell the bands (if you dug them) “hey” for me. You don’t have to mention this podcast or anything, just go be supportive of those bands. Alright? Deal? Deal! Yes, let’s all go support some awesome ska music. Let that be the 23min of Ska listener vow, “Let’s all go support some ska bands!” how does that sound? Too preachy? Too needy? Hrm… let’s’ work on this one… but it’s a good start none the less!

00:00 – the Slackers – Sooner or Later (Better Late than Never ’96)
03:41 – the Siren Six – Young & Professional (Young & Professional ’98)
05:55 – H.R. with the Scotch Bonnets – Cheyenne (Quest ’14)
09:51 – Mustard Plug – Bang! (Can’t Contain It! ’14)
11:59 – Coolidge – Delilah (Slight Return) (Pop Star Baby ’08)
15:56 – Show Me Island – I Won’t Beg (Ring Around and Run ’16)
19:05 – Aggressors B.C – Throw Me a Bone (Tone of the Times ’13)

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