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Special : You Call It Vol. 5

23ska-beerHere we go once more with an episode that has songs mostly picked out by listeners of this fine fine podcast. Once again, I’d like to thank my sisters, brothers and others over at /r/ska for being game and filling my head with songs and ideas and my inbox with sweet sweet ska!

00:00 – the Taj Motel Trio – Here We Go Again (4 Songs 7 Inches ’15)
03:05 – Night Gaunts – Apple Tree (3am Sessions ’14)
06:05 – the Delirians – Tears of Joy (the Delirians ’12)
08:52 – Spring Heeled Jack – Rufus Shakeedoo (Static World View ’96)
12:10 – Half Beat – Did I Mention (Big Kids ’14)
15:22 – Edna’s Goldfish – This is Not Here (Before You Knew Better… ’97)
17:37 – Jeffries Fan Club – Crystal 52 (Nothing to Prove ’99)
20:22 – Let’s Go Bowling – Hot-Buttered (Mr. Twist ’96)

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