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23min of Ska : Malted Milk Balls

23skaMALTEDMILKBALLSWhat a bear of an episode! Ten songs crammed into only twenty-three minutes! And it’s kicking off with a brand new song from Catbite? Woah! Can you go wrong? No sir or ma’am, you cannot. To be honest, this is a crazy one… mostly because the ska in some of these songs is either a little hidden or only comes in for short bits. So yeah, these aren’t all ska songs, but they all have ska bits somewhere in them. Some of these songs are some of my favorite songs! I understand if you get a bit put off by this episode, ska/punk isn’t everyone’s bag. But this episode, I like this episode and I hope that you do, too.

00:00 – Catbite – Come on Baby (Catbite ’19)
02:26 – the Army – Trendy (Shuffle Shuffle / Trendy ’80)
04:28 – the Interrupters – Rumors and Gossip (Fight the Good Fight ’18)
07:07 – No Such Noise – Repeat Offender (For Closure ’13)
09:15 – the Holophonics – Meteoric Rise To Mediocrity (Don’t Mess with the Holophonics ’15)
11:22 – Codename: Rocky – Extreme Close Up (Reboot ’16)
13:28 – the Hempsteadys – the Moon Laughs Knowingly (Séance! Séance! ’18)
15:22 – King Apparatus – Aesthetics (Marbles ’93)
17:12 – Hot Stove Jimmy – Down Sides Ahead (Theme for a Major Hit ’99)
20:00 – Telethon – the Paranoid Blur (the Grand Spontanean ’17)

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