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23min of Ska : Gluttony

23skaGLUTONYI ate a mini deep dish pizza for lunch. Later that night I had an ice cream sandwich. Somehow, I stayed with in my calorie count for the day, but man, did I feel like a fatty. Oh sure, I could go for a walk and do a dozen jumping jacks or something, but instead I just wanna eat a whole bag of cappuccino flavored potato chips instead while washing it down w/ some horchata beer. I guess I could dance to this podcast, that might help. But then, I’d just want to eat a dark chocolate and bacon candy bar. I’m kinda unhealthy…

Less Than Jake – 3 Quarts Drunk (Pezcore ’95)
Hypocondriacs – Fatty Girl (60’s Rocksteady & Reggae ’10)
the Articles – You’re Bread and Butter Pickles, Baby (Flip F’real ’97)
7 Seconds of Love – First Drink of the Day (Danger is Dangerous ’08)
Insatiable – Can’t Get Enough (Can’t Get Enough ’94)
LODD – Eat Banana (Skins) (Et Pourquol? ’11)
No Doubt – a Little Something Refreshing (No Doubt ’92)

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23min of Ska : Movement of Souls and of Boxes

23ska&By the time you read this, I’ll be seriously sick of moving from an apartment to a condo. I made this one a little ahead of time, because, well, I knew I was going to be a bit busy moving my life from one place to the next. I hope it brings you the amount of joy that is equal to the amount of hate I am currently harboring towards cardboard boxes.

Deal’s Gone Bad – Shine (Heartbreaks and Shadows ’14)
the Pinstripes – the Wokkabout (I ’12)
the Insteps – Free Advice (Eleven Steps to Power ’96)
Hypocondriacs – Shalala (60’s Rocksteady & Reggae ’10)
the Slackers – My Bed is a Boat (My Bed is a Boat ’13)
Critical Mass – It Happens All the Time (Give it Up, Let it Go! ’97)
Crazy Baldhead – Cut Back (Boots Embraces ’14)

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23min of Ska : Liquor is Quicker

I’ve been paying attention my little listeners, you all seem to like ska from the 90’s, female vocals, ska-punk and music from the US, Canada and the UK. This I can do. So I’m working it in more as we go on. I still gotta play what I love and that is newer ska from everywhere and some traditional ska, so let’s get this in balance! We have some awesome UK ska here from Bombskare, a track from one of my favorite LA bands, the Bohunks (who always tear it up live) and a song from the Kim Basinger Band who I found out about on the r/ska forum on Reddit. Not a bad place to hang out and find new bands. From Spain w/ have some traditional sounds from the Hypocondriacs, some radness from Canada in the form of Class Action and then Run and Punch, who are not only a great band, but some of the nicest guys to be in contact with. We close it out w/ Goldfinger’s “Walking in the Dark” a song that was almost lost in time in the 90’s on a movie soundtrack that most people didn’t seem to pick up (seriously, I had a hard time tracking it down again). So as we head into the second half of 2012 “23min of Ska” has re-focused and is committed to bringing you the sounds that you want to hear mixed the ones that I want to play for you. Let’s keep kickin’ ass ’til December!

Bombskare – My Life in the Nineties (Fistful of Dynamite ’09)
the Bohunks – Dillinger (In the Waiting Room ’11)
the Kim Basinger Band – Meeting You Again (Between Sin & Sanity ’06)
Hypocondriacs – Cook ’em Up (60’s Rocksteady & Reggae ’10)
Class Action – City Streets (Class Action ’10)
Run and Punch – Dearly Departed (Dearly Departed ’12)
Goldfinger – Walking in the Dark (Dead Man on Campus soundtrack ’98)

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