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23min of Ska : Shuttle

23skaCOASTER4Is it time for some ska? You better believe it is! No matter what time you find this podcast, it is always time for ska. So get into it and enjoy it, life, ska, anything!

00:00 – King Kong Girio – Love Letters (King Kong Girio EP 2 ’18)
02:25 – Boss Riot – Broken (Lace Up Straight ’18)
05:39 – Runaway Ricochet – the Lounge (Gas Station Culture ’18)
08:43 – the b Sharps – Como la Flor (Plan B’s Get Degrees ’18)
11:33 – Crash the Owl Party – Nobody Cares About Cornfield (Dealer’s Choice ’18)
14:49 – Matamoska! – Gravity Bong Song (Skalluminati ’17)
17:38 – I Like the Future and the Future Likes Me – Come Together (Are You Feeling OK? ’18)
20:56 – Dan Potthast – I Know There’s More (Sweats and Meats ’02)

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