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23min of Ska : Long John

23skalongjohnEver get a stupid idea in your head? The kind of idea that sends you down a path, that even though you know it’s stupid and kind of silly, you just can’t shake it? So you follow this idea, all the while knowing it’s the kind of thing only you’d find funny? But you throw a lot of work and research into it anyway? The kind of idea that makes you stay up late and go to work tired as hell the next day, and risk losing your job? You know those ideas? Well, I’m telling you, in the end, they’re always worth it!

00:00 – Johnny Madcap & the Distractions – Daly City Train (Hooligans United : a Tribute to Rancid ’15)
03:33 – Skaos – Johnny (More Fire ’14)
06:13 – Johnny Socko – Save Yourself (Quatro ’99)
09:55 – MU330 – Johnny Dumbjokes (Chumps on Parade ’96)
12:09 – Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia – Johnny (This is the Begining of the End ’03)
14:38 – Johnny Nine and the Racers – Why Sleep? (Chin Up ’09)
18:05 – Less Than Jake – Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts (Pezcore ’95)
20:59 – Johnny Too Bad and the Strikeouts – Nineteen Fifty Two (Patchwork Girl ’97)

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23min of Ska : Roll ‘Em

When getting into new ska bands, it is always a gamble. They could be good, they could be great, or they could outright suck. In this case, each of these albums I got with little to no knowledge of the songs on them, and everything turned out awesome! Totally awesome! I’m more than extremely pleased to share all these songs with all the listeners. Pay attention to the 3rd track by Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia, if you like it, check out the kickstarter campaign to re-release the album this track comes from on vinyl. All the proceeds go to charity, so not only are you rocking out, you’re rocking out for a good cause. Time to do some good and dance, let’s roll!

Catch-It Kebabs – Bluelight (Return of the Kebabulance ’07)
the Action League – Mundo Loco (Mundo Loco ’10)
Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia – If Assholes Got Awards, I’d Have a Trophy Case (This is the Beginning of the End ’03)
the Georgetown Orbits – On My Good Days (Super Sonic ’11)
Beat the Red Light – the Scene is Under Attack (Beat the Red Light ’10)
the Nix86 – Step on the World (Relate, Reject, Repeat ’10)
the Articles – Dragonfly (Flip F’real ’97)

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