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23min of Ska : You Call It Vol. 12

23skaBEERSHey everyone here’s the last of three episodes featuring songs picked by listeners! All these selections come from listeners on /r/ska or from the 23min of Ska facebook page! There were a lot of suggestions made, and there were a few good songs that got dropped. (Honestly, a lot of the leftover tracks had been played on the show before, they’re that good! You listeners sure have taste! Also, there was a few I couldn’t track down and by the looks of things, r/ska is still suggesting a bunch of great tracks that I won’t get to because I’m doing these three episodes so far ahead of time!) Big thanks to Joseph Esposito, GraphMeister, Zikica Ivanovski, Bennett Kobb, shazbotica and 2-Worlds-2-Furious! This episode literally would not be possible without your suggestions. Thanks for your help in making this a better podcast. Tune in next week when we kick off our “theme” for the next 23 weeks.

00:00 – Soul Radics – Wound Too Tight (Down to the Hall ’12)
03:00 – the Hippos – Rock & Roll (Forget the World ’97)
04:59 – Nonstop to Cairo – Skip (Dabble Heavy ’17)
09:30 – Superhiks – Mojot Dom (Underground Evergreens ’17)
12:14 – Choking Victim – 5 Finger Discount (No Gods / No Managers ’08)
14:45 – the JB Conspiracy – the Skeleton Key (the Calm ’12)
17:28 – Insatiable – City in the Boonies (Insatiable ’04)

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23min of Ska : Gluttony

23skaGLUTONYI ate a mini deep dish pizza for lunch. Later that night I had an ice cream sandwich. Somehow, I stayed with in my calorie count for the day, but man, did I feel like a fatty. Oh sure, I could go for a walk and do a dozen jumping jacks or something, but instead I just wanna eat a whole bag of cappuccino flavored potato chips instead while washing it down w/ some horchata beer. I guess I could dance to this podcast, that might help. But then, I’d just want to eat a dark chocolate and bacon candy bar. I’m kinda unhealthy…

Less Than Jake – 3 Quarts Drunk (Pezcore ’95)
Hypocondriacs – Fatty Girl (60’s Rocksteady & Reggae ’10)
the Articles – You’re Bread and Butter Pickles, Baby (Flip F’real ’97)
7 Seconds of Love – First Drink of the Day (Danger is Dangerous ’08)
Insatiable – Can’t Get Enough (Can’t Get Enough ’94)
LODD – Eat Banana (Skins) (Et Pourquol? ’11)
No Doubt – a Little Something Refreshing (No Doubt ’92)

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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : Side B (part one)

Back with more straight outta the 90s! If you don’t know some of these bands, well, I feel sorry for you, because these are bands that would TEAR DOWN THE HOUSE LIVE! Ok, I haven’t seen all of these bands live, but the ones I have, I can vouch for. Secret Society rocked the back room of the Peoria Pizza Works, Stretch Armstrong stole the show from Mustard Plug and Hepcat, doctormanette snapped me out a mid show stupor in at a Rockford skate park and then made the entire crowd at the Metro in Chicago forget that they were there to see the Aquabats, and seeing Unsteady at the Knitting Factory is flat out one of my personal life high-lights. The Scofflaws are a true classic in the ska scene, so check them out right away. Also hit up Punch the Clown who was always a ska compilation ringer, and when you get an album of theirs and hear how great all the songs are it is even more clear how great they were. Speaking of ska compilations, Insatiable and this song was the shining star on the “Ska: the 3rd Wave Vol. II” that just about everyone I knew had a copy of growing up. It was a decent comp, but that song was just killer! It’s a excellent way to get us to the midway point of side B.

Secret Society – Did it Again (Can I Borrow Your Beard? ’97)
Stretch Armstrong – Drool (Lollygag ’94)
Punch the Clown – Leaving (the Secret Life of Punch the Clown ’98)
the Scofflaws – Nude Beach (Ska in Hi-Fi ’95)
doctormanette – Happiness (the Same Thing Over & Over ’99)
Unsteady – Bad Attitude (Tightrope ’96)
Insatiable – GPC’s (Can’t Get Enough ’94)

This is part three of a 90min ska mix tape from the nineties running each Thursday throughout May.

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