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Special : Behind the Scene Vol 2 : Justin Schwier from Underground Communique

In this episode I’m taking you a bit behind the ska scene such as it is, to people who have an imprint on the scene with out necessarily being in a band. In this episode I’m talking to Justin Schwier from Underground Communique Records. To tell the truth, Justin does most of the talking on this episode, I basically ask very few questions and Justin takes off to tell the story! Stories like how he started Underground Communique and about starting the 3rd Wave Ska Preservation Society Vinyl Reissue Project co-released w/ Asbestos Records. It’s pretty awesome how they got it going and now they currently trying to get a second round of classic 3rd wave ska records pressed onto vinyl again!

Check out Underground Communique Records : UnderComm.org
Like Underground Communique on Facebook : facebook.com/undergroundcommuniquerecords
Check the Kickstarter : 3rd Wave Ska Preservation Society Reissue Project Round 2

Intro music : One Day by the Pilfers

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