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23min of Ska : Gumballs

23skaGUMBALLSSka so good, it doesn’t need any commentary! But I’mma gonna give it anyway! This episode opens with a song from K-Man and the 45s album that coming out in April, pre-orders up now! I’ve also included a TON of recently released songs, as in released during this last month from Pocket Billards, Madaline, and the Middle Volga Social Club! Also propping up this killer episode are songs from the latest albums from Huge Puppies, Cartoon Violence and Popes of Chillitown. If that wasn’t enough, I dug through my collection and brought out two tracks I can’t believe I hadn’t shared with you all before from Waste Basket and BIM skala BIM! Enjoy!

00:00 – K-Man and the 45s – Stand with the Youth (Stand with the Youth ’19)
03:06 – Huge Puppies – Clockwise (Cynocracy ’17)
04:43 – Pocket Billiards – Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In (Troubles Edge ’19)
07:19 – Madaline – Oh  No (“it is what it is” ’19)
10:37 – the Middle Volga Social Club – Alexey Rodin (Alexey Rodin ’19)
13:23 – Waste Basket – Exploding World (Waste Basket ’12)
14:51 – Cartoon Violence – Amnesia (Passive Aggressive ’18)
17:33 – BIM skala BIM – Lorraine (Lost Lorraine ’13)
20:20 – Popes of Chillitown – Upside Down (Work Hard, Play Hard, See You in the Graveyard ’18)

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