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23min of Ska : Skaliday

This episode comes in like a lion, and leaves like a lamb, and gosh, do I love it. This episode has a collection of some of the best ska & ska/punk happening RIGHT NOW! Listen up, it’s such a great time to be a ska fan!

00:00 – BrainDead feat. Kem Trails – Counter Culture (After the Fire ’22)
04:46 – Sad Snack – No Children (No Children ’22)
07:13 – Soom T – World We Live In (Good ’22)
10:41 – the Bruce Lee Band – the Right Time (One Step Forward. Two Steps Back ’22)
12:52 – La Tremenda Korte – Western Special (Western Special ’22)
16:04 – Oklahoma Stackhouse – Lost the Plot (Ok. ’22)
20:04 – James Shaw – Cali (Steady Rock ’22)

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