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Special : You Call It Vol. 3

23ska-beerAh, this week I did the lazy thing, and instead of picking out a bunch of songs and them editing them together, I had the members over at /r/ska on reddit help me pick out the songs for this episode. I think it turned out totally rad! Not too mainstream, pretty modern w/ some older stuff… almost as if I would do something like this myself… if it wasn’t for my “give credit where credit’s due” ways, I’d just pretend this greatness was all done by me on my own! It really is that good of an episode!

the Skints – Ring Ring (Part & Parcel ’12)
Kill Lincoln – Look What You Did (You Little Jerk) (You Were There ’11)
Chewing on Tinfoil – Breso (Get Rich or Try Dyin’ ’09)
the Small Mediums at Large – 50’s Song (the Small Mediums at Large ’99)
Backyard Superheroes – Knowledge (Knowledge ’13)
Demon Waffle – Too Slow (Eat Your Breakfast ’12)

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