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23min of Ska : Mix Tape : the ’10s Side B (part 1)

MixTape00-SideBPart1Awww yeah, now we’re on the flip side! This episode is a little more international than the last few episodes on this mixtape. I’ve always wanted more and more international bands on this show, and as I keep doing the show, I’ll keep trying as I continue making the show to keep in as international as possible. Ska isn’t just an English speaking country thing and I need to get better at keeping this show as varied as possible. So yeah, go around the world and back in time a bit with this episode, and enjoy it!

00:00 – the Bohunks – As Is (In the Waiting Room ’11)
02:21 – Last Edition – Playing with Fire (Playing with Fire ’11)
05:43 – DiscoBalls – Time (Dance Like Nobody’s Watching ’14)
08:59 – les Skalopers – Ya Vendra Mi Turno (Ya vendra mi turno ’11)
12:36 – LODD – La fin du monde (Et Pourquoi? ’11)
16:10 – Smerin’s Anti-Social Club – Schizo (Primordial Cordial ’13)
21:07 – Skalapper – Looking for My Soul (find a new world ’10)

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