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23min of Ska : the Asian Man Records Special!


cover photo : Jason Travis

I loved making this episode. I love Asian Man Records. I love Mike Park. And I love all the acts that he got together to release music from. Asian Man Records was a big part of my early years of loving the ska sound, as I was already a fan of ska, but AMR really helped me branch out and learn about more bands. As a pretty skint kid, I didn’t always have the cash to buy a ton of CDs and AMR kept it as cheap as he could and put out super cheap samplers to find out and hear new bands. I have so many AMR records on my shelf, ska, ska/punk and of other genres that this was an easy one to get together. I know I leaned a bit on the early years here, but I also wanted to show AMR is still holding up the ska banner and supporting those songs. Mike was a man of many tastes, and he always had good taste, so if it was ska or not I’d always check it out, and usually dig it! But for the topic at hand, we’re focusing on the ska and ska/punk and you may or may not be surprised how much it isn’t packed to the gills with ska/punk! So thank you to the small but mighty staff at Asian Man Records and thank you to Mike Park for all the past years and all the great ska releases to come!

00:00 – Link 80 – Verble Kint (17 Reasons ’97)
01:57 – Unsteady – Rockstar (Nevergonnabearockstar) (Double or Nothing ’97)
05:21 – Johnny Socko – Rumpy Pumpy (Full Trucker Effect ’97)
08:37 – the Chinkees – Breath Out the Fight (Peace Through Music ’99)
10:06 – Chris Murray – Steady Beat Convention (4-Trackaganza! ’01)
12:20 – MU330 – Let Go Again (Ultra Panic ’02)
14:30 – Buck-O-Nine – Cook Me in the Bowl (Sustain ’07)
17:23 – Monkey – You’re Becoming a Jerk (and Nobody Likes You) (Bananarchy ’15)
19:04 – the Abruptors – Deserve (Love & Other Disasters ’19)

Visit Asian Man Records to find more great music : http://asianmanrecords.com/

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