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23min of Ska : Pistachio

Check it out ska fans, another fresh episode of 23min of Ska with some really really new music in it for you! We have a Half Past Two song from their upcoming EP! Also, this episode features two brand new covers songs released in the last week! The first from Lockstep covering the Clash and then Cynamatics covering Choking Victim! So much newness, can you even stand it?

00:00 – Half Past Two – SoCal Summer (Camp Slushtone ’17)
03:16 – Huge Puppies – Backbone (Cynocracy ’17)
06:56 – Lo & the Magnetics – Sooner or Later (A Part ’05)
10:00 – Lockstep – Bankrobber (the Clash EP ’17)
11:58 – Popes of Chillitown – Wisdom Teeth (Skaciety/Popes of Chillitown split ’16)
17:36 – Cynimatics – Infested (Infested ’17)
19:47 – Behind Deadlines – Optimism (Status Quo ’16)

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Grandpa’s Casnio Recordings Infomercial

23skaBIGGambleAre you ready for me to shill some ska at you! Here it is, the first time I’ve played any of the songs off of the 7″ records that I made last year. Yes, I’ll admit it, this is an advertisement. I really want you all to know what great songs are on this record! Of course the records will sound a whole lot better, will be full (I made did some editing so everything fits) and won’t have my voice interrupting and talking about things. Hit up www.GrandpasCasino.com and get your set today! Woo! RECORDS! SKA RECORDS!

the Shifters – It’s Been Too Long (the Big Ska Gamble : July ’12)
the Action League – Space Attack (the Big Ska Gamble : August ’12)
Lockstep – the City is Burning (the Big Ska Gamble : September ’12)
the Georgetown Orbits – Domino (the Big Ska Gamble : October ’12)
Do It With Malice – Lindy Likes it Ruff (the Big Ska Gamble : November ’12)
Stop the Presses – Skankin’ Private Ryan (the Big Ska Gamble : December ’12)

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the Big Ska Gamble Video

Xtra Bonus : the Big Ska Gamble

This episode was created to show off the many bands that are taking part in the Big Ska Gamble, a Kickstarter campaign to bring you a 7″ vinyl record subscription club of all ska bands. You get to hear 6 different songs from the six bands represented. These aren’t the songs that are going to be on the records that come out, but good representations of these excellent bands.
Check out the project at the Big Ska Gamble (http://www.BigSkaGamble.com)

the Shifters – I Shall Sing (the Shifters Live 1-18-12 ’12)
the Action League – Beckham (Mundo Loco ’10)
Lockstep – Back in ’67 (Last Time Again ’08)
the Georgetown Orbits – Good Good Lovin’ (Super Sonic ’11)
Stop the Presses – Frame & Tack (Does it Still Look Pretty ’11)
Do It With Malice – Dock Up (the Burned-Over District ’10)

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the Big Ska Gamble – a 7″ vinyl record subscription club

Head directly to the Kickstarter page!

Do you remember the joy of finding new bands? The thrill of listening to a new record? The excitement of getting a package in the mail? I sure do and nothing else ever did come close to those feelings again. In trying to spread that wonderment I’m starting a 7″ subscription club focusing on bringing you the best in current ska music.

To that end, I took my time and found 6 bands to work with from across the United States. These bands and their records will comprise a record subscription club named the Big Ska Gamble. The subscription club will send out 2 7″ records starting in July and continuing every other month after that.

The participating acts are:
the Action League – ska/punk from San Luis Obispo, CA
Do It With Malice – ska/metal/hardcore punk from Buffalo, NY
the Georgetown Orbits – ska, reggae and dub from Seattle, WA
Lockstep – reggae punk from Indianapolis, IN
the Shifters – rocksteady from Washington D.C.
Stop the Presses – ska/surf/punk from Miami, FL

When I say these bands are participating, I mean just that, they are doing this. It isn’t some wish list. These artists have been hitting the studio over the last few months and have been laying down music. Right at this moment I have a lot of the songs from these bands with the rest coming in soon. We just need to get the money so that we can turn that cash into wonderful records for you to enjoy at home! Already having access to the music means one big thing: NO DELAYS! The bands and I have been working diligently to make sure every record will ship on time, provided we make our goal.

Once these records are sold, they are gone. Only a limited number of these are ever going to be pressed. You wouldn’t want to miss your chance on this opportunity would you?

So, there’s my pitch. The music is done. It wants to be heard. We’re all ready to go. The question is, are you ready to throw your money on the table and let it ride? Are you ready to take part in the Big Ska Gamble?

23min of Ska Interviews : Lockstep

In my effort to grow this podcast, I’ve decided to start doing interviews with ska bands at the first of each month. For our first go around in interviewland I talk to the Indianapolis, IN group Lockstep. I’m mostly talking to vocalist/bass player Dave Grove, but if you listen close you can also hear keyboardist Jen Grove as well. We talk about how the band got started, what it is like to be married to a band member and their recent album “It Happened in the City…”. We also talk about Dave’s song writing process in general and specifically for the song “Michigan Road” which we close out this episode with.

You can find Lockstep at:

Upcoming Lockstep shows in February:
* Thursday the 3rd at 7:30pm at Birdy’s (Indianapolis IN)
w/ Passafire
* Saturday the 19th at 10:30pm at the Melody Inn (Indianapolis IN)
w/ the Toasters
* Thursday the 24th at 7:30pm at Birdy’s (Indianapolis IN)
w/ One Punch Knockout, the Putz & the Typos

Lockstep’s song “Last Time Again” was previously featured in the episode “Rebirth” from May 23rd, 2010.

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be interviewed, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com. We’ll see if we can set something up.

This episode and all episodes can always be found here. You can also subscribe to the podcast by going to your advanced tab on iTunes, then select “subscribe to podcast…” and entering this address: http://23minofska.podomatic.com/rss2.xml into the box that opens. Alternatively, you can always download this episode. Also if you’d like, find us on facebook and tell us what you think.

23min of Ska : Rebirth

In a few short days it will be my birthday, hurrah! What better way to celebrate than with some of my favorite ska songs? In the old school category we have the Wailers and Althia & Donna. Both songs are totally great, and make be want to dance, especially “Uptown Top Ranking”. Johnny Socko is the first band to repeated in this series, I there’s been a decent amount of separation from the first episode to this one to warrant that. Seeing Johnny Socko on or near my birthday was a tradition for most of my early 20s. For my 23rd they sang happy birthday to me in the middle of “Dancing Queen” at the Elbo Room in Chicago, it was such a trip. I picked “Hey Hey Hi” because it is from the later version of Socko that was more classic for my personal experience: Chris, Josh, Dylan, Matt and Demon Hooter personally gave me hours of excellent shows as well as fun converstaion. I included Lockstep because some of the members are close personal friends of mine (which I met through going to see Socko) and what better birthday music than something rad played by your friends? Speaking of friendliness in ska, Dan Potthast has always been super awesome to me. He’s always super nice to me when I see him and after about 4 minutes of chit chat it hits him that we’ve talked several times before and it is like the conversation starts over again, it makes me laugh every time!

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be featured or if you know some music that you think I should hear for future inclusion, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com!

You can also subscribe to the podcast by going to your advanced tab on iTunes, then select “subscribe to podcast…” and entering this: http://23minofska.podomatic.com/rss2.xml into the box that opens. Or downloading, there’s always downloading!