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23min of Ska : the Bulleteer

23skaBULLETEERNot knowing your place in the world is a real bummer. It is even more compounded when you have no idea how you got where you were, or because it was the results of what others had planned for you. Accept your destiny, become the best there is at what you do. You owe it to the world not to hide away. While you may never make it to the big times, you made the world a better place by for everyone that you encountered, and that is a great victory indeed.

00:00 – the Planet Smashers – Tear it Up (Mixed Messages ’14)
03:27 – Less Than Jake – My Money is on the Long Shot (See the Light ’13)
06:19 – Western Standard Time – Guns of Navarone (a Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites ’12)
10:29 – the Dropsteppers – Feels so Sweet (Darker Side of Grey ’13)
14:27 – los Bullets – Gunshot (Crystal Ball / Gunshot ’11)
17:00 – Tip the Van – the Chase (Something Wicked ’06)
19:39 – Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation – Shot in the Dark (Shake Your Foundation ’03)

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23min of Ska : Everything for Nothing and Even Less

23ska-redplaidThere are things that can happen that can ruin your whole day, which can ruin your whole week, that in turn can keep growing and eating up more and more of your time. We have to fight that as much as possible, eschew the negative when we can, and be smart enough to ask for help to bring the positivity into our lives when we can’t handle it on our own.

00:00 – Obi Fernadez – Have You Ever (Confessions, Waves & the Garden State ’12)
03:24 – Caz & the Day Laborers – Intentions (Caz & the Day Laborers ’13)
06:58 – the Bruce Lee Band – Forward & Back (Beautiful World ’05)
09:48 – the Skints – Break Me Down (Short Change ’14)
13:48 – los Bullets – Crystal Ball (Crystal Ball / Gunshot ’11)
16:35 – Nerd Academy – Liar (Nerdicity ’11)
19:20 – the Arrogant Sons of Bitches – RocketRocketRocketship (Three Cheers for Disappointment ’06)

A listener asked me to put a basic time breakdown for each song, does this help? If you like it let me know, if you hate it, also, let me know!

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