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23min of Ska : Coconut

Alright, let’s get down to it. It’s been a long week. We all need to celebrate the fact that we’ve just about wrapped up another one. Things can suck, oh they surely can! But we can’t let that stop us. All the craziness and horror going on around us, we have to push through it. We have to fight it. If dancing and ska music help you, then you’ve come to the right place.

00:00 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Chasing the Sun Away (a Jackknife to a Swan ’02)
03:20 – Show Me Island – What You Heard (Ring Around & Run ’16)
06:24 – the Meow Meows – Kayley May (Go Boom! ’16)
09:44 – Skandalous All-Stars – Parking Lot (Age of Insects ’99)
12:56 – Maddie Ruthless feat. the Forthrights – Evening Time (Maddie Ruthless and Friends ’12)
16:36 – Razika – Vindt i hjirtet (Program 91 ’11)
20:07 – Big D & the Kids Table – Raw Revolution (Strictly Rude ’07)

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23min of Ska : Let’s Kick it Off Once More

23ska-bwplaidI think I typed way too much last week, so I’m keeping the write up simple this time. Here’s a great episode of great ska bands that I hope you will enjoy! Have a great week!

Rude King – Open for Business (It’ll Probably be Alright ’13)
Monkey – Walking on Coals (Lost at Sea ’09)
Isaac Green & the Skalars – Spoiled Brat (Skoolin’ with the Skalars ’96)
Maddie Ruthless feat. the Forthrights – Twist the Knife (Maddie Ruthless and Friends ’12)
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Royal Oil (Let’s Face It ’97)
the Screw-Ups – Lie Awake (EP ’13)
Squirt Gun Warriors – Breadwinner Homemaker (Don’t Fence Me In ’14)

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23min of Ska : the Tremendous Twelves

23skaCHESSThere aren’t too many traditions on 23min of Ska, in fact some are very secret, but this is a well known one, around this time of year I make an episode comprised on of music made this year. This isn’t a “best of” this isn’t a “you may’ve missed” it is just 23 minutes of ska music that was released in the year twenty twelve. If you’re saying that good ska isn’t being made anymore, then listen to this, you may just be wrong!

No Such Noise! – Cold Side (Life Goes On ’12)
Dan P. & the Bricks – Mess it Up (Watch Where You Walk ’12)
Maddie Ruthless feat. the Forthrights – They Didn’t Build This World for You (Maddie Ruthless and Friends ’12)
the Pinstripes – I’ll be Waiting (I ’12)
Show Me Island – Like Love (MV:MMXII ’12)
the Delirians – the Turn Around (the Delirians ’12)
Less Than Jake – Done and Dusted (Seasons Greetings from Less Than Jake ’12)

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