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23min of Ska : House of M

23skaHOUSEOFMLife is simple.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself that you think the world revolves around you and your desires.
It doesn’t.
Deal with it.

00:00 – Madness – Promises Promises (Seven ’81)
02:46 – Maddie Ruthless & the Secret Affair – Inside Out (Hold the Phone ’10)
05:30 – the Mean Threes – One and the Same (the Mean Threes ’14)
08:57 – the Meow Meows – Disaster! Disaster! (Somehow We Met ’13)
13:12 – the Mighty Fishers – Where are You? (Where are You? ’12)
17:47 – Mr. T-Bone & the Young Lions – No Secrets (Nothing to Lose ’11)

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23min of Ska : It’s All You’ll Need

23ska-orangeplaidYup, back, sorry about the week off last week, doing 23min of Ska, running Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, producing the Grandpa’s Casino Radio Show all caught up with me! Last time I said I needed to bring back the ska-punk, and I’ve continued on that front! Also, getting in some classic Metro Stylee as well as all manner of UK ska from Drewvis & By the Rivers. Once again I hope that you all find this episode in good health and good times, and if not, may they come to you soon.

the Taj Motel Trio – God Save the Scene (Part of the Problem ’07)
Metro Stylee – Evil Eyes (Metro Stylee ’98)
the JB Conspiracy – the Manhattan Project (This Machine ’07)
Drewvis – These 3 Words (Disposable Pleasures & Meaningful Pursuits ’11)
By the Rivers – Don’t Say You Love Me (Don’t Say You Love Me ’12)
the Pietasters – Late Night Call (All Day ’07)
Maddie Ruthless & the Secret Affair – Blood! Fire! (Hold the Phone ’10)
Yum!Yum!ORANGE – 葛飾ラプソディー -ヤムヤム (Orange Juice ’04)

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