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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : the ’70s : Side B (part 2)

MayMixTape70-SideBPart2Here it is everyone, the end of a long journey through ska’s “lost decade”, the ’70s. We made it! I say we because we took this trip through time and music together! I learned a whole bunch, and listened to a whole lot of music that I’d never heard before, but I really should have! I’ve never been a ska historian, I dig into the now and current a lot more than looking to the past. That’s been a mistake, I can see that now! After putting together this set of songs I’ve learned that if you’re getting sick of ska music, because you think you’ve heard it all, well, shut up, because ska’s history and music runs deep! Let that be a lesson, always be exploring, never rest, get out there, hunt, and enjoy the sweet sounds!

00:00 – Marcia Griffiths – Sweet Bitter Love (Play Me Sweet and Nice ’74)
03:07 – Pluto – Dat (Dat ’74)
06:52 – the Selecter – On My Radio (On My Radio / Too Much Pressure ’79)
09:48 – Althea & Donna – Make a Truce (Uptown Top Ranking ’78)
13:42 – the Specials – Nite Klub (the Specials ’79)
16:42 – Barry Biggs – One Bad Apple (One Bad Apple ’71)
19:20 – Jean & the Gaytones – I Shall Sing (I Shall Sing / Target ’71)

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