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23min of Ska : Stars Disappear, One by One

23ska-yellowplaidTime runs out for the best of us. The most we can do is get out into the world and enjoy it! Some of the bands in this episode are long gone, other have held on for a crazy amount of time! Go see the latter as soon as you can before they become the former. Seriously, everyone, stop complaining about the world and get out in it, it is rewarding, and think of all the stories you can tell later on in life. No one looks back in life and wishes they would’ve done less.

the Boss Beats – Everybody Get Together (II ’11)
the Snails – Death Caught Me (At the Underground Echo Cellar ’12)
Pressure Cooker – You’re the One (What She Wants ’08)
Maskatesta – Simplemente (the Maskatonians All Stars & Friends ’07)
the Moon Invaders – Got a Love (the Fine Line ’11)
Small Town Get Up – Donovan Bailey (No Trade Backs ’13)
Squid 58 – Strangers on a Train (Dismantled ’07)

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