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23min of Ska : The Mystery at the Bottom of the Jam Jar

So sometimes I do elaborate jokes that only I get. Maybe “joke” is the wrong word… anyway… So these 6 songs are part of a theme… kinda. The order is: COVID, Team Ups, Lounge, Ska by Non-Ska, 90’s Covers, and TV Themes. I first did this on the episode “Road Map to Madness” where that order kicks in in reverse on the 3rd track, then we had the episodes “the Virus That didn’t Leave” for a COVID ep, “the Greatest Team-Ups of All Time” a Team Ups ep, “the Millionaire’s Holiday” for a loungy ep, “Search for the Open Gate” had ska songs by non-ska artists, “Back in the Day…” was chock full of ’90s Covers, and “the Television Adaption” was all TV them covers! And to top it all off “Dig That Crazy Beat” was a reverse order to the “Road Map to Madness” episode… why did I do this? A joke? A challenge? Who knows. Why did I do it again here? Oh, this was for fun and to pay homage to the last time I went all Maverick.

00:00 – Sir Jay & the Skatanauts – Covid-19 Special (Covid-19 Special / Lockdown ’20)
03:35 – Roshambo feat. Dani Rascal, Barney Boom & Laila K – On Last March (Survive, Revive, Revolt ’22)
08:38 – Het Kinston Kwartet – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Bond ’22)
13:00 – the Generators – City of Angels (Welcome to the End ’98)
16:23 – Stop the Presses – Rebel Girl (Got It ’22)
19:40 – Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Doctor Who Theme Song (TV & Movie Themes ’18)

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23min of Ska : Maxwell Smart

23skaSMARTThis episode of 23min of Ska was sourced by an insanely large ska CD & LP collection by 23 ska scholars. Would you believe it? Hmmm . . . Would you believe a handful of ska aficionados and a healthy stack of ska CDs? How about one sleepy guy with his browser opened on bandcamp.com sorted to “ska”? I hope I wasn’t out of line with that crack about my sleepiness or my lack of seriousness about creating this podcast.

00:00 – the Toasters – Too Hip to be Cool (New York Fever ’92)
03:26 – Something to Do – Richard Spencer Punched in the Head (Richard Spencer Punched in the Head ’18)
06:18 – Codename Colin – Losing Touch (Outgunned ’17)
09:53 – the Siren Six! – C.O.N.F.U.S.I.O.N. (Young and Professional ’98)
12:39 – Maxwell Smart – Organized Chaos (Infinite Appeal ’10)
16:12 – Scheming Thieves – Maximum Effort (a Classic Ruse ’18)
19:00 – Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Get Smart (Melbourne Ska Orchestra ’13)

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