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23min of Ska Cross Over : This I Know with Josh and Joe

When I started off this nutty run of crossover episodes, I started w/ Josh from This I Know with Josh and Joe, so now it’s Joe’s turn to help me finish it off. I’ve known Joe since he was a baby. He’s my cousin and I love him. I was going to make fun of him and put up super goofy picture of him, but I took the high road! Once you’re done w/ this go listen to the hilariously fun podcast he and Josh do!

00:00 – Days N Daze – Flurry Rush (Show Me the Blueprints. ’20)
02:46 – the Aquabats! – the Story of Nothing (Fury of the Aquabats! ’97)
05:37 – Mike Park w/ Brittany Luna of Catbite – You Feel Like You’re in Quicksand (You Feel Like You’re in Quicksand ’20)
08:09 – Jimmy Cliff – the Harder They Come (the Harder They Come soundtrack ’72)
11:46 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – They Will Need Music (the Magic of Youth ’11)
15:31 – Less Than Jake – Spirit of ’20 (Lost at Home Sessions ’20)
17:46 – the Slackers – They are Losing (They are Losing ’20)
21:56 – Reel Big Fish – Another F.U. Song (Monkeys for Nothing and Chimps for Free ’07

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23min of Ska : Up into the Great Night

23ska-orangeplaidIt is all about having great nights lately! Last weekend I drove about a hour to go see a great band play (the Shifters in case you were wondering) and it was a blast to finally meet them in person and see them play. Just the other night I went out with my wife for our 2nd anniversary and (as expected) it was great as well. All day long we all slave away at our day job just waiting to get to the night, which offers freedom and fun if we aren’t too wiped out to take advantage of them. I implore you to fight that tired and weary state and get out there and enjoy some epic nights!

the Kim Basinger Band – Everything I’m Not (Between Sin & Sanity ’06)
Greenhouse – Aqua (Tomorrow the World ’98)
King Django – Do You Really Love Me? (Anywhere I Roam ’13)
Hooray for Our Side – Sympathetic (Hooray for Our Side ’13)
the Pepper Pots – I’ll Fly with You (Shake It! ’07)
the Bruce Lee Band – She’s an Angel (the Bruce Lee Band ’95)
the Hourglass Cats – Sense (432 EP ’13)

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