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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : the ’70s : Side A (part 1)

MayMixTape70-SideAPart1It’s May, that means it is time for another 90min digital mix tape, broken into 4 parts, with a decade spanning theme, this time it is the 1970s! Not gonna lie, this’ll be an odd month. Ska was really winding down in Jamaica in the early ’70s and wouldn’t pick up in a big way until the late ’70s in the UK. So it’ll be an odd mix, but an important one in representing some ska history.

00:00 – the Specials – (Dawning of a) New Era (the Specials ’79)
02:23 – Derrick Morgan – Rasta Don’t Fear (Rasta Don’t Fear ’74)
04:54 – Ken Lazarus – Put Yourself in My Place (John Jones / Put Yourself in My Place ’70)
07:10 – Lord Tanamo – Rainy Night in Georgia (Rainy Night in Georgia / In Love with You ’70)
12:08 – the Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail (London Calling ’79)
15:30 – Judge Dread – Ding a Ling (Dreadmania ’73)
17:53 – Laurel Aitken – Landlords and Tenants (Landlords & Tenants / Everybody Suffering ’70)
20:30 – Madness – Swan Lake (One Step Beyond ’79)

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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : Side B (part two)

Here we are, at the end of our journey through out the 90s ska that made a huge impression on me as a young man. These songs are so classic! “Direction” is the first song off the first ska album I ever bought! You just can’t beat the Toasters! Potshot seemed to be all over the place back then, but I don’t remember many people talking about them. Mealticket and Inspecter 7 never really seemed to get the respect they deserved back then. I’m happy to see most people remember them quite fondly. The Slackers, one of the greats, not much more could be said about them. My Superhero are the nicest guys to eat at a Chicago Cracker Barrel with and talk about music. Let’s Go Bowling was always one of my favorites and one of the few I never got to see live. And who didn’t belt out “Teen Idol” out with their friends while driving around town from a local show the Denny’s/Perkin’s/Steak n’ Shake? I know who did though, me, Timmy Dee and Joshy Tea, you couldn’t stop us! There it is, this virtual 90min 90s ska tape is up!

the Toasters – Direction (Dub 56 ’94)
Potshot – Someone to Lean On (Pots and Shots ’97)
Mealticket – Lisa Marie (Lisa Marie ’97)
Inspecter 7 – Cookin’ (the Infamous ’97)
the Slackers – Have the Time (the Question ’98)
My Superhero – Going Somewhere (Solid State 14 ’97)
Let’s Go Bowling – Sick Fish (Music to Bowl By ’91)
Pharmaceutical Bandits – Teen Idol (Those Damn Bandits ’97)

This is the final part of a 90min ska mix tape from the nineties that ran each Thursday throughout May.

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