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23min of Ska : the Greatest Team Ups of All Time!

A few weeks ago, my co-host over at On The Upbeat asked me and our guests to share some of what we consider to be great ska collaborations. That was the spark that set this episode in motion. I hope you all enjoy and share this episode with a friend!

00:00 – Moonhead Project feat. Molly Moonstone – Sydämeni Hullu (On the Dancefloor / Sydämeni Hullu ’17)
02:55 – Night Gaunts feat. the Stupid Stupid Henchmen – Stupid Stupid (Stupid Stupid ’21)
06:33 – Control This feat. Jason “Jahson” Nwagbaraocha – Imminent Danger (Imminent Danger ’21)
11:25 – We Are The Union feat. Nick Riggs – Fake World (Self Care ’18)
14:14 – Half Past Two feat. Evan Wohrman – Someone That You Used to Know (Someone That You Used to Know ’19)
16:56 – Sammy Kay & the East los Three feat. Dave Hillyard & Mr. T-Bone – Old Man’s Porch (Love Letters ’13)
19:58 – Lauren Napier & Vic Ruggiero – Walkin’ After Midnight (Straight Mix) (Duets Vol. 1 ’20)

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23min of Ska : Joe Turner

23skaTURNERWelcome back to your favorite ska podcast! Wait, this is your favorite ska podcast right? If it is, welcome back! If it isn’t… well, is this your favorite ska podcast that updates every Thursday? It sure is, isn’t it! Well, heck, that’s for listening! Oh, wait, this is the first episode you’ve ever heard? Well, awesome, welcome to the show in general. If you like it there’s 301 more of them back at 23ska.com so go check that out. Oh, and thanks to all of you for listening!

00:00 – the Ignobles – What You Was (What You Was ’17)
04:06 – the Georgetown Orbits – Keep Your Chin Up (Keep Your Chin Up / Picture On The Wall ’17)
07:20 – Moonhead Project feat. Dani Radic – On the Dancefloor (On The Dancefloor / Sydämeni Hullu ’17)
10:15 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Too Many Stars (Pin Points & Gin Joints ’09)
12:38 – Razika – Above All (Program 91 ’11)
16:14 – High School Football Heroes – a Long Look at a Short Lived Dream (Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Handgrenades ’04)
18:48 – the Holophonics – the Middle (MaSKArades Vol. 12 : Jimmy Eat World : Clarity ’17)
20:57 – Slow Gherkin – Condor (Run Screaming ’02)

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