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23min of Ska : Messiah Complex

23skaMESSIAHChange is inevitable, we all have to accept this and move forward. Sometimes the future can surprise you, but you’ll never know if you sit back and keep pining for the past. Besides the future is where we’re going to be spending the rest of our lives, so we might as well look forward to all the changers it may bring! Get it? Goforward. Move ahead. Try to detect it. It’s not too late.

00:00 – the Interrupters – You’re Gonna Find a Way Out (Say it Out Loud ’16)
02:51 – the A-OKs – Dark & Disillusioned (Maybe Partying Will Help ’15)
05:31 – the Freecoasters – I Can Sleep When I’m Dead (Show Up ’16)
09:26 – the Rarebreed Allstars – the KKK Took My Baby Away (Rarebreed Recording Company Summer Sampler 2015 ’15)
11:33 – Drop Steady – Step Closer (the Light ’15)
15:52 – the Snails – Don’t Lose Hope (the River ’12)
19:35 – Mr. Review – Lost Along the Way (XXV ’10)

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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : the ’80s : Side B (part 2)


Here it is at long last, the exciting conclusion to my journey into ska from the 1980s! I’ll admit, I myself can’t understand why I’ve never included “Ghost Town” on 23min of Ska before, but I’m glad I saved it, it’s a hell of a song to end this mix on! Looking at the downloads and page views I still can’t tell if doing all ’80s ska for a month was a hit or a flop, either way I had fun learning about a lot of bands I’d either never heard of before or had only heard of in passing. I feel I’ve grown my ska knowledge w/ this virtual 90min mix tape, and I hope that my listeners have too, either that or have had a fun jaunt down memory lane!

00:00 – Mr. Review – Another Town (Walkin’ Down Brentford Road ’89)
04:30 – the Ska Flames – Samurai (Ska Fever ’89)
07:17 – Let’s Go Bowling – Dance Some More (Rude 69 / Dance Some More ’88)
10:29 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Howwhywuz, Howwhyam (Devil’s Night Out ’89)
13:00 – Crazy 8′s – Rude Boys Don’t Win (Law and Order ’84)
17:05 – the Specials – Ghost Town (Ghost Town ’81)

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