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23min of Ska : Zatanna

23skaZATANNAKcip ti pu! Netsil ot siht edosipe sdrawkcab! Or don’t, it really wouldn’t make much sense to do a thing like that, but if you do, and it unlocks the secret of the universe, let the rest of us know about that. Either way, the way ska brings people together and that is a magic in its own right! Yeah, music is more that just words and notes, it is almost like a spell. It can express what you’re trying to say more than the words you’re speaking, try to tell me that isn’t like using a superpower!

00:00 – Survay Says! – Ode to My Willpower (or Lack Thereof) (Observations of the Human Condition ’14)
02:51 – Sammy Kay & the East los Three feat. Vic Ruggerio – Highs and Lows (Love Letters ’13)
05:30 – Red Soul Community – Rest of You (Rest of You / Horny ’12)
07:57 – MU330 – Rocket Fuel (MU330 ’99)
09:27 – Dallax – Glow of My Life (Heart Storming ’11)
12:57 – Aggressors B.C – the Great Escape (the Tone of the Times ’13)
18:33 – the Longshots – Books (the Longshots ’11)

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