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23min of Ska : Your Money Talks, My Genius Walks

23ska-beerBoom! Looky here! It’s a brand new episode of the 23min of Ska podcast! Chalk full of great ska music! It lasts approximately 23 minutes. Bam, nailed it again! But for real, I really dig doing this podcast. I dig ska music and putting these together each week makes me a pretty happy guy. I’ve made my main hobby in life listening to and seeking out ska music (as well as putting out ska records, go check out Grandpa’s Casino right now!) It seriously saddens me when I can’t get a new episode out, it really does. So thanks for bearing with me last week and I hope you enjoy this episode doubly to make up for the rerun last time.

00:00 – Threat Level Burgundy – C’est la Vie (This Too Shall Pass) (…and Then Things Got Weird ’13)
04:45 – the Bandulus – She’s Fire (the Times We Had ’12)
07:56 – Wobbly Bob – Suit Up (Life Lessons for Losers ’11)
10:35 – Big D & the Kids Table – Breaking the Bottle (Strictly Rude ’07)
12:44 – Murphy’s Kids – Secretly (This is Where We Live ’13)
16:45 – Aggressors B.C – the Man They Call Horse (the Tone of the Times ’13)
18:59 – Be Like Max – Walk Away (Just Tryin’ to Fit in… Ur Mom ’14)

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23min of Ska : the Shape of Things to Come

23ska-beerI’ve never been one of those people to say that music saved my life, let alone ska music. It didn’t, in the least. But music, especially ska music has enhanced my life in ways I can’t begin to count. It cheers me up when I’m down, it makes me dance when I’m already up, but most of all, it let me meet some of the raddest group of people I’ve ever known. From back in the day when I got into it, up to today, I just can’t believe the friends and acquaintances I’ve made through ska. It really shocks me sometimes. But yeah, ska didn’t save my life, but it might have made it worth living.

Show Me Island – the Stomp (Show Me Island ’13)
the Dropsteppers – Move One Up (Darker Side of Grey ’13)
Step Lively – Sea of Strangers (the Trigger Effect ’99)
the Vengers – the Shape of Things to Come (Push This? ’95)
Skavoovie & the Epitones – Desert Gold (the Growler ’99)
Murphy’s Kids – Enthusiastic Strangers Say “Hell Yes!” (This is Where We Live ’13)
Skazofrenia – Ciudadano (This is Skazo ’12)

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Beat the Dealer : RudeBoyBill’s 23min

I put the challenge out there, and that challenge was to come up w/ your own episode of “23min of Ska” and see if you can beat me at my own game. Whether or not you think that RudeBoyBill pulled that off is up to you, but he is golden in my eyes for being the only person to step up to the plate for this! This is a great episode of “23min of Ska” with a lot of young eager bands to listen to! Get it cued up and have some fun! Thanks again RudeBoyBill!

Gamblers Die Broke – Mama Say #2 (EP ’11)
Don’t Mess With Winkie – What’s Happening, Hot Stuff? (Self Titled ’11)
Murphy’s Kids – Dusty Trail (the Anthemic Pandemic ’11)
Hatrick Penry – Model Rocket (Hatrick Penry EP ’12)
Sunny Side Up – Never Gonna Be (Sunny Side Up EP ’11)
Storming Stages and Stereos – Rushmore (Surviving Your Reflection ’11)
Dan P. & the Bricks – One Reason (Watch Where You Walk ’12)

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