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23min of Ska : the Virus that Wouldn’t Leave

A year ago today the World Heath Organization stated that Covid-19 was a officially a pandemic, and since then we’ve been kooked up and missing shows (on both sides of the stage). In that time we’ve had some bands addressing how we feel and putting it to song, here’s a few of those tunes.

00:00 – Backyard Superheroes – Most of All (Most of All ’20)
03:04 – the Bar Stool Preachers – When This World Fails (Soundtrack to Your Apocalypse ’20)
06:16 – Hans Gruber and the Die Hards – Medical Advice (Sgt Scag vs. Hans Gruber and the Die Hards ’21)
08:03 – Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous – Fuck You Covid (Fuck You Covid ’20)
11:29 – Monkey – Don’t Panic (Arose Such a Clatter comp ’20)
13:14 – Sir Jay & the Skatanauts – Lockdown (Covid-19 Special / Lockdown ’20)
15:57 – Neville Staple & Sugary – Be Free Baby (Be Free Baby ’21)
20:03 – Captain SKA feat. Arieleno – Millions of People (Millions of People ’20)

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23min of Ska : Cronut

23skacronutAre you ready for another awesome episode of 23min of Ska? Well, it’s Thursday, so you have no choice, it’s here. Now, will you listen to it? That’s wholly up to you! But I hope you will, there’s some really great songs on here, from a bunch of really talented musicians. But if you don’t want to check it out, I don’t know what to do with you. Have fun being boring?

00:00 – King Kong 4 – Breaking My Heart Again (You Lie Awake ’17)
03:47 – Bumpin Uglies – Hipster Douchebag (Keep it Together ’16)
06:24 – the Skarsoles – Wake Up Rise Up (Wake Up Rise Up ’17)
10:10 – Neville Staple – Politician Man (the Return of Judge Roughneck ’17)
13:02 – the Slackers – Stereo On (My Bed is a Boat ’13)
16:04 – the Abruptors – Wait & See (Wait & See ’17)
19:49 – the Pomps – Indie Rock is Dying (Indie Rock is Dying ’16)

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