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23min of Ska : 8% Return

23ska8BALLFor the triumphant return to more modern ska, I went to my listeners and asked what they wanted. Got a few good suggestions, all which are in this podcast. Then, due to my online begging, King Duncan of the Shifters sends me on of their brand new songs. Basically, if you aren’t a close personal friend of the band, this is the first chance to hear it! Man it is a ripper! Also there’s a song from Rude King, that Jon Bravo made sure to get to me right away for you all to hear, that was just released last Saturday! Seriously, so much great new ska for you on this episode it is insane!

00:00 – the Amphetameanies – House of a Hill (Last Chance Bordello ’14)
03:07 – the Shifters – Making Waves (brand new recording! ’15)
07:27 – the Skints – Friends & Business (FM ’15)
10:40 – Nguru – Fight for Your Right (Timezone II ’08)
13:28 – Rude King – Busted Now (Coming Back to You ’15)
16:49 – Bigtopp – Teach Yourself (Next Stage ’15)
20:24 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Who’s Fooling Who (Mashin’ Up the Nation Vol. 3 & 4 ’98)

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