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23min of Ska : Gluttony

23skaGLUTONYI ate a mini deep dish pizza for lunch. Later that night I had an ice cream sandwich. Somehow, I stayed with in my calorie count for the day, but man, did I feel like a fatty. Oh sure, I could go for a walk and do a dozen jumping jacks or something, but instead I just wanna eat a whole bag of cappuccino flavored potato chips instead while washing it down w/ some horchata beer. I guess I could dance to this podcast, that might help. But then, I’d just want to eat a dark chocolate and bacon candy bar. I’m kinda unhealthy…

Less Than Jake – 3 Quarts Drunk (Pezcore ’95)
Hypocondriacs – Fatty Girl (60’s Rocksteady & Reggae ’10)
the Articles – You’re Bread and Butter Pickles, Baby (Flip F’real ’97)
7 Seconds of Love – First Drink of the Day (Danger is Dangerous ’08)
Insatiable – Can’t Get Enough (Can’t Get Enough ’94)
LODD – Eat Banana (Skins) (Et Pourquol? ’11)
No Doubt – a Little Something Refreshing (No Doubt ’92)

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Special : Behind the Scene Vol 1 : Tazy Phyllipz of the Ska Parade

In this episode I’m taking you a bit behind the ska scene such as it is, to people who have an imprint on the scene with out being in a band or running a label. In this episode I’m talking to Tazy Phyllipz of the long running ska radio show “the Ska Parade”. We talk about a lot of the bands that have been on “the Ska Parade” since it started in 1989. Not only that but we talk a lot about the upcoming “Viva Ska Vegas” ska show on April 28th. With Tazy and I being old ska guys we tell a lot of stories, and while my original intention was to fill this episode w/ a lot of music, I just couldn’t bear to cut any of us talking (besides a few seconds at the beginning where were both like “hello..?” “uh… hello?” and a bit near the end where we talk about Madness that was dropped for time). I hope you enjoy it, we had a lot of fun talking, and I think it is good to get to know someone like Tazy just a little bit better.

Check out the Ska Parade website : SkaParade.com
Check out the Ska Parade Sundays at 9 PM PST : KUKQ.com
Check out Viva Ska Vegas : VivaSkaVegas.com

All music by GOGO13 from their new album “I Like It!”

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