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23min of Ska : the Phoenix / the Dark Phoenix Saga

23skaDARKPHOENIXSAGAIt’s a new start for 23min of Ska, I hope that you all can be along for the ride again. This first episode of a new era for the show is a statement of intent in a way. I’ve been trying to include more new bands on this show since the start, I’ve also been trying to mix it up with the many styles of ska too, so that’s what I went after pretty hard here. I hope you dig it, and will continue on with me in my effort to try and find more varied and fresh ska to play for you folks!

00:00 – the Fundamentals – Leaving Me Behind (Get Alright ’12)
04:04 – the Skints – Rise Up (Part & Parcel ’12)
07:01 – 7 Seconds of Love – Danger of Death (Danger is Dangerous ’08)
09:45 – Reel Big Fish – Down in Flames (Why do They Rock so Hard? ’98)
13:54 – the Brooklyn Attractors – Jamaica Bay (Live in NYC ’15)
20:49 – Noel Brown – Phoenix (Phoenix / Patricia ’69)

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