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23min of Ska : Hate the Beach

23skaCOMICShecticSo for the first time in a long time I was up so late perfecting this episode. I thought I’d had the music part done several times. One time I even saved it for publishing. Thing is, it didn’t feel right, the next few drafts didn’t feel right either. It took time, but “Hectic Planet” is one of my favorite and well missed comics of all time. Trying to capture what I like about the book using the music I dig most highly, and trying to promote a load of current ska bands, it is something that needs perfecting and perfection. If you’ve never read “Hectic Planet” you owe it to yourself to dig up the 3 collections out there and enjoy. And if the art looks familiar, it should, “Hectic Planet” artist and writer Evan Dorkin did a host of ska compilation covers throughout the ’90s. He’s a staple of the scene and a staple of my life.

00:00 – We Are The Union – What’s Wrong with Me? (Self Care ’18)
02:23 – Kill Lincoln – Denial (Can’t Complain ’20)
06:01 – Upbeat Allstars – Breaking Point (Wake Up ’12)
08:26 – Fishbone – I Wish I had a Date (In Your Face ’89)
10:26 – Poindexter – Grounded (Poindexter ’20)
13:07 – Joker’s Republic feat. Dave Barry – Talking to Strangers (Falling Behind ’19)
15:47 – Offbeat Offensive – Lost in the Supermarket (Combat Cancer comp ’15)
19:08 – the Skalatones – House of Fun (House of Ska comp ’98)
21:33 – Half Past Two – Bitter (Camp Slushtone ’17)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
Episode artwork by: Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer
Based on: “Hectic Planet: the Young and the Reckless”
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