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5 Restaurants I Miss in Peoria (Not so Much for the Food)

Lou’s Drive-In
Jose at Lou's Drive-InThe food is your standard drive in fare. Good tenderloins, good fries, nothing to write about, but then comes the root beer. They make their own astounding, awesome, delicious brew with a recipe stolen by some soda Prometheus from the root beer gods themselves. They only open in the the summer so it’s a long wait each year. The best part is that at the end of the season they start selling it by the half gallon so that you can stock up so it won’t be so long of a wait.

The Burger Barge
It is such a goofy place, what with their constant Jimmy Buffett music.The burgers don’t suck, there are plenty of places to get a burger like that in the area, but you’re going for the ambiance and for the chips. Oh yes, those chips are fantastic!

One World Coffee & Cargo
It’s not the food I miss here, but much like the Burger Barge it’s the decor. I saw it change a lot over the years that I lived there and always dug it. It also was a place where one could go to and run into a lot of rad people and make friends. At least that’s how it always was for me. Lots of fond memories.

Richard’s On Main
Ok, it has the same run into rad people as One World, but it has the added bonus of having the best burgers in Peoria (at least the last time I checked). Also they’ll serve you a drink that’s half Guinness Draught and half Framboise Lambic. That my friends is heaven in a glass.

The Peoria Pizza Works
Davin, Jose and Atomik chillin' at Peoria Pizza WorksFood, great, I’ve never had a bad meal there. The bar, well stocked and cheap, I’ve gotten good and wasted there when I was basically broke more than a few times. Why did I spend so much time there? Someone convinced the owner to let local bands play there, and that lead to many a good time in the back rooms of this place. Last time I was in Peoria I ended up spending a good chunk of my time there. It’s just awesome!