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Special : You Call It Vol. 7

23skaBEERSSo a few weeks ago I asked folks what song got them ska and I got a lot of good answers. So many good answers I made that the theme of last week’s episode. But there were some more great songs left over that I didn’t get to include, and after I posted the last episode I received more comments with more great tracks that got folks into the ska sound. Basically, I couldn’t resist doing another fat stack of your favorite tunes so soon.

00:00 – Operation Ivy – Sound System (Energy ’89)
02:11 – Blue Meanies – Grandma Shampoo (Kiss Your Ass Goodbye ’95)
05:34 – Catch Twenty-Two – Hey Sergio (Keasbey Nights ’98)
08:04 – Voodoo Glow Skulls – Insubordination (Who is, This is ’93)
11:17 – No Sports – Stay Rude, Stay Rebel (King Ska ’89)
15:47 – Mustard Plug – Skank by Numbers (Big Daddy Multitude ’93)
18:18 – the Allstonians – Walking in the Sand (Go You! ’94)

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23min of Ska : Something is Missing

Bucking the trends and going against the grain. Doing what you want, without a worry about shame. I don’t care what people say and how they define ska music, I know what I know. There’s nothing missing in any of these great songs, even if some would have you believe that there is. If you guess what is missing easily, then you’ve been paying attention. If you never figure it out because it is all such awesome music, then you’re awesome too. If you are at pains to figure it out after repeating this episode time and time again, don’t worry so much, it was never a contest anyway.

Drewvis – It’s All Good (Disposable Pleasures and Meaningful Pursuits ’11)
Operation Ivy – Artificial Life (Energy ’89)
Cartoon Violence – Attic (Whatever Happened to the Likely Lad? ’09)
My Superhero – Long Gone (Solid State 14 ’97)
the Aggrolites – By Her Side (IV ’09)
Bobby Pins & the Saloon Soldiers – Dancing on the Moon (Dancing on the Moon ’09)
the Offenders – Life on Grime (Shots, Screams & Broken Dreams ’11)

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23min of Ska : California

K-Swiss shoes declared it “California Music Month” in April on some ad I saw on late night television, so I said “I’ll run with it!” That’s right, all these bands are from my new found home of California. Had to kick it off with Op Ivy, had to, hands down, no other way to do it. Some of these songs get very far away from ska, but in the end Slow Gherkin, the Aquabats and Voodoo Glow Skulls still bring the goods. The After Hours toss in a nice traditional sound for all the sticklers out there. And try as I might, I still love the pop ska of Save Ferris.

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