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23min of Ska : the Gang goes to a Ska Show

On a Thursday
North Hollywood, CA

00:00 – Big D & the Kids Table – Dispirit (DO YOUR ART ’21)
02:17 – Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – Bald Man Jump (Still Stubborn: Volume 2 ’22)
05:42 – SinKroniA – Ritmo y Calma (RE-EVOLUCIÓN ’22)
09:28 – Wersja De Lux – Be a Colour (City of Loss ’22)
12:23 – the Tromboners – Dukes Up (the Tromboners ’21)
16:37 – Goodbye Mordecai – Low Key Shade (Start Again ’22)
19:49 – DISSIDENTE / ДИССИДЕНТЫ – Black Bloc (the War on Two Fronts ’22)

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23min of Ska : You Call It Vol. 14

23skaBEERSWelcome to the 14th episode where all the songs picked were chosen by listeners to 23min of Ska. I have to say, you all really surprised me with this one. Some of these acts I straight up didn’t know, and the rest I knew but either hadn’t heard the track suggested or was amazed I hadn’t played it yet! Once again, thanks everyone, you made this episode fantastic!

00:00 – Common Rider – Classics of Love (Last Wave Rockers ’99)
02:17 – the Steady 45’s – Long Time Coming (Long Time Coming/Pressure ’13)
04:52 – Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – Hello Gagarin! (Budapest Ska Mood ’05)
09:19 – Chencha Berrinches – Take Me to Jamaica (Chencha Berrinches ’16)
12:09 – Superbus – C’est pas comme ça (Pop’n’Gum ’04)
14:41 – Bad Manners – Skaville UK (Return of the Ugly ’89)
17:13 – the Planet Smashers – I’m OK if You Want to Party (Descent into the Valley of the Planet Smashers ’11)
20:26 – Mad Dog and the 20/20s – Best Friend Love Story (Things We Should Have Said (But We’ll Dance To Instead) ’17)

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