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23min of Ska : Five by Five, Mother Bitches

23ska-bwplaidI won’t lie, this episode was a bear to put together. A lot of the original song choices weren’t working together, the episode came out too short, switched out some songs, rearranged a few songs, the episode came out too long, switched a few more songs and BANG! the episode is done. In the years I’ve been doing this, this episode is the first one to give me a bit of podcaster/mixer block, I guess you would call it, it has sucked up far more of my evening free time than any other episode. The good thing is that all those songs that got kicked out have started to form the next couple episodes, so hopefully they’ll flow together easier and my episode description won’t seem so cranky because I won’t be so sleepy! I still say it is a fine fine episode of the show, but birthing this baby took far too much time!

Sunny Side Up – Corporate Control (Paradise in the Sky ’13)
Stop the Presses – Daddy Issues Vol. II (eSKAndalo! ’13)
doctormanette – the One & Lonely (the Same Thing Over & Over ’99)
Big D & the Kids Table – Pinball (Stomp ’13)
Attaboy Skip – Oceanside Putt-Putt (Another EP? ’97)
Nerd Academy – Line 45 (Nerdicity ’11)
Parka Kings – Cliche (23 Skidoo ’97)

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23min of Ska : Те́трис

In this episode I’m pushing the limits of third wave in a few directions. Some towards the punk side, one in the rocksteady direction and one even towards pop. One of the things I really liked/like about ska in general is how it can blend with other genres well and still retain its own sense of self. It was another awesome experience to put together for all you listeners, so I hope you enjoy!

Also, a thank you to listener Ben who suggested the Pinstripes which I used in this podcast. He’ll get a prize for that once I think of what it should be. If you’re in a ska band and would like to be featured or if you know some music that you think I should hear for future inclusion, please let me know!

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