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23min of Ska : Number 6

23skaNUMBER6Listen up all of you, Skavoovie & the Epitones are putting out a live album! For real! and it is my extreme pleasure to play one of these songs for you! Now, I’m not at liberty to say how I acquired this track, but I must say that you’ll be glad I came across it to share with you. So note this, there is a special release and a live album coming! Get excited for 2018, for it holds some gems in its future! Oh, and look at the rest of this track listing, this is gonna be a great episode, listen up!

00:00 – Skavoovie & the Epitones – Ts Tsa Cha (FROM THEIR FORTHCOMING LIVE ALBUM!!! ’18)
02:40 – the Kingpins – Watch Your Back (Watch Your Back ’96)
04:53 – the Chalk Outlines – Let the Feeling Show (the Chalk Outlines ’16)
09:00 – the Interrupters – This is the New Sound (the Interrupters ’14)
11:32 – the Stiff Joints – Angry (First Proper Album ’17)
14:06 – Pordescarte ft. Percance – Me Voy A Tomar (Radio Pordescarte ’18)
17:29 – the Contenders – On the Ropes (split release w/ Bluebeat Company ’16)
20:06 – the Meow Meows – London Road (Friends on Benefits ’15)

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