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23min of Ska : the Television Adaptation

Is the the most ridiculous episode I’ve ever done? Maybe… did I laugh to myself a lot while making it? You know it!

“Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on, turn it on, on, on, on, on and tune me out!”

00:00 – the Prizefighters – Bebop Rocksteady (Firewalk ’19)
02:59 – Carlos Malcolm & His Afro-Jamaican Rhythms – Bonanza Ska (Bonanza Ska ’65)
05:59 – Skatune Network – Ed, Edd n Eddy (Skatune Skatoons! ’20)
09:54 – My Superhero – Scooby Doo (SKAteboard Music ’98)
11:35 – Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Song (TV & Movie Themes ’18)
15:04 – Jump with Joey – Green Acres (Ska-Ba ’91)
16:13 – Perfect Thyroid – Sanford and Son (SKAndalous: I’ve Gotcha Covered comp ’96)
19:03 – Victims of Circumstance – My Life (50,000,000 Victims of Circumstance Fans Can’t be Wrong : the “Decades” Vol. 1 ’12)
21:54 – the Bruce Lee Band – Gilligan (Bruce Lee Band ’95)

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23min of Ska : the 7 Chakras

23skaCHAKRAWhat do I know about chakras? Not too much, I’m really hoping a whitey like me isn’t offending any Indians whose religious practice includes the chakras. Come to think of it, I didn’t worry about offending Christians when I did theme episodes on the Deadly Sins… well, retroactively, I hope I didn’t upset any Christians. At most the chakras were a spring board to present 7 songs or artists that in some way relate to what each chakra represents. It isn’t perfect, but it was fun to try and figure out, and hell, all of this music is worth hearing anyway, so stop reading and get listening!

00:00 – King Django – I Promised (Rarebreed Recording Company Summer Sampler ’15)
02:21 – Half Past Two – Lyin’ Eyes (It’s About Time ’09)
05:31 – Perfect Thyroid – Phoenix City (Freedom Sounds ’97)
10:54 – Sammy Kay & the East los Three – Heart so True (Love Letters ’13)
14:17 – the Vengers – Baby in ‘a Belly (Push This? ’95)
16:37 – Green Room Rockers – Basement Song (Green Room Rockers ’10)
20:21 – the Toasters – Chuck Berry (Hard Band for Dead ’96)

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