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23min of Ska : Keeping it Hep

On January 23rd, 2010 I posted my first episode of 23min of Ska online. It was a bit of fun and I thought I’d do a few episodes a month for a few years, get it out of my system, and move on. Get what out of my system? Why, to share ska w/ folks! Well, I should’ve known that idea was flawed, if I wanted to end after a short time, because (spoiler) I LOVE SHARING SKA w/ FOLKS, so here we are, 12 years later… and whoa… yeah… 12 years… I’ve moved 3 times and have gotten married since I started this thing… I don’t know what to do w/ that info other than say, I hope all of you all are enjoying it, and happy anniversary to 23min of Ska!

00:00 – Voluntary Hazing – Reciprocate Some (Reciprocate Some ’22)
03:10 – the Slackers – I Almost Lost You (Windowland / I Almost Lost You ’21)
05:43 – Norsk Råkk – De Beste Laget (Balansekunstnere ’20)
07:09 – the Co-Operators & Perkie – Concrete, Steel & Stone (Beating the Doldrums ’20)
12:22 – the Operators – Lil Darlin’ (Leave the Light On ’21)
16:32 – Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem – I’m a Man (Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor / I’m a Man ’21)
20:11 – the Third-Rates – Roller Coasters (Fate Fell Short: a Blink-182 Compilation comp ’22)

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